Hi TikTok. Help me make a website...

I want to make a website... but my creativity is zero. So please help me make it?
  1. I will post a tiktok over at https://www.tiktok.com/@taranasus asking what I should put on the website next
  2. You and others will leave comments on what I should add, or like other comments that look like a good idea
  3. After a day or two I'll start building whatever the most liked comment said. When I'm done, we go back to step 1
The changes can be pretty much anything: pictures of Shrek, rick rolls, change fonts, add text, remove text, navigation bar, new pages, music, gifs, whatever you want. Unfortunately there are a few restrictions tho'
  1. No NSFW
  2. Careful with the copyrighted material. Like, a meme is fine but I don't want the police knocking down my mom's basement door.
  3. No super complicated stuff like "Make a thing that detects that the picture I uploaded is a duck". Not because that wouldn't be cool, it would, but because I may not be able to do it :(
  4. No requests that may be harmful to me or others or that may include personally identifiable data (mine or anyone else's)
  5. All troll requests will be ignored